REF moves under TRADOC, PEOSoldier some losses and awards, continuing to innovate

Rapid Equipping Force moves under TRADOC the transition REF will continue to support Warfighter in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in the Horn of Africa, in Korea and other places. The REF will remain on Fort Belvoir, co-located with PEO for continued close coordination.

NCI Information Systems continues to lose revenue.

Mission Ready, Protect the Force (MRSI) sees a new contract award continuing to innovate. MC10 reshapes electronics to create thin, conformal systems that flex, stretch, and bend seamlessly with the natural world. The company combines breakthrough technology with innovative engineering to develop products that advance quality of life.  MC10 to provide the U.S. Army transform renewable energy and provide Soldiers with discreet, lightweight solar energy harvesting patches that integrate virtually unnoticed into their combat equipment and harness the sun’s rays to provide endless personal power possibilities. MC10 will offer design input on the attachment mechanism for PV array integration into a cover for the U.S. Army’s MOLLE backpack as well as technical expertise and input into the ConPhormL verification and validation test plan relating to military testing standards and mobile warfighter usage scenarios.


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Cubic Awarded $4.1 Million Training Order for U.S. Army

Cubic announced today that it was awarded a new order valued at $4.1 million for its Instrumentable Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement Tactical Vehicle Systems (I-MILES TVS) from the U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI). The order is exercised under Option III under the indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contract awarded in 2010. Cubic has been awarded almost $65 million to date under the indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract, which covers a base year and four option years.

I-MILES TVS, the vehicular adaptation of Cubic’s man-worn Individual Weapons System (IWS 2), equips HMMWVs and other tactical vehicles with lasers, sensors and electronics used during force-on-force combat training exercises. It employs Cubic’s wireless vehicle technology to provide real-time casualty assessment necessary for MILES tactical engagement training in direct-fire instrumented training scenarios.

The system offers superior performance because of its weapon simulation and casualty assessment accuracy for vehicles and fixed structures. It adapts to any wheeled or tracked tactical vehicle and is also configurable for buildings, fixed equipment, and other structures. The system also includes new features that significantly improve ease of use for soldiers, including touch-screen displays with highly intuitive graphic interfaces.

“Cubic is proud to provide I-MILES TVS training equipment to the U.S. Army. We are pleased to supply the Army with the latest evolutionary advancements in our wireless training solutions, including better training fidelity, improved wireless communications and intuitive interfaces,” said Dave Schmitz, president of Cubic Defense Systems. #PEOSTRI


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Desk of Discipline.

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Transitioning from Military?  

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