REF moves under TRADOC, PEOSoldier some losses and awards, continuing to innovate

Rapid Equipping Force moves under TRADOC the transition REF will continue to support Warfighter in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in the Horn of Africa, in Korea and other places. The REF will remain on Fort Belvoir, co-located with PEO for continued close coordination.

NCI Information Systems continues to lose revenue.

Mission Ready, Protect the Force (MRSI) sees a new contract award continuing to innovate. MC10 reshapes electronics to create thin, conformal systems that flex, stretch, and bend seamlessly with the natural world. The company combines breakthrough technology with innovative engineering to develop products that advance quality of life.  MC10 to provide the U.S. Army transform renewable energy and provide Soldiers with discreet, lightweight solar energy harvesting patches that integrate virtually unnoticed into their combat equipment and harness the sun’s rays to provide endless personal power possibilities. MC10 will offer design input on the attachment mechanism for PV array integration into a cover for the U.S. Army’s MOLLE backpack as well as technical expertise and input into the ConPhormL verification and validation test plan relating to military testing standards and mobile warfighter usage scenarios.


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